Re-Sharpening Service

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We aim to re-sharpen, rework, or recondition your cutting tool to its needed geometries so that it performs as well as or better than new. We are capable of sharpening and/or reworking all cutting tools, including your custom tools.

Key Benefits

  • CNC Or Conventional Re-Grinding
  • All Carbide End Mills Re-Ground CNC
  • Multiple & Progressive Helix Tool Re-Grinding
  • Contract Pricing Available
  • All Geometry Reworked Without Chips
  • Tapers, Radii, Ball Ends
  • Drill Bits Up To 3.5″
  • High Performance Drill Bits reground to perform as well, if not better than OEM
  • Carbide Burrs


  • Capable of re-grinding all manufacturers’ end mills
    ***Including multiple and progressive helix tools***
  • All carbide end mills re-ground CNC
    All geometry is reworked bringing the tool to new specs without any chips
  • Tapers, radii, ball ends
  • Drill bits to 3.5″
  • Capable of sharpening and/or reworking all cutting tools, including:
    Knives, Saws, Scissors, Blades, Counter Sinks, Form Tools, Step Tools,
    Chamfering Mills, Trapezoid Mold Runners, and more – including your custom tools.

Before & After Our Services



This HSS rougher has a severely damaged end.

The same rougher, after we reconditioned it.

The tips of this end mill’s flutes were damaged.

The same end mill after we reworked all facets.

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